Insane Dota 2 Bug Allows Alchemist to Give 4200 Gold to Allies


Dota 2 bugs have always existed within the game’s ecosystem due to the insanely high number of interactions between heroes, items, structures and creeps. While some of them are negligible, others like the recently discovered Alchemist bug have the potential to significantly impact the game. This Alchemist bug allows the hero user to not only grant an Aghanim’s Scepter but also donate additional 4200 gold to his ally. The 4200 gold is given to the targeted ally through a bug involving a second Aghanim’s Scepter. It is to be understood that this bug is different from the in-game normal interaction of refunding 4200 gold to the targeted ally who already bought the Aghanim’s Scepter on his own.

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Dota 2 Alchemist bug gives ally an Aghanim’s Scepter and an additional 4200 gold

This incredible Alchemist bug, highlighted by a Redditor, u/vasjae, has ironically come at a time when the hero was becoming popular in the offlane role as a Scepter-granting machine. Team Nigma and OG even showed the efficiency of this strategy in professional games as the offlaners built a couple of starting items like Power Treads, Bracer, and Urn of Shadows and then went on to mine Aghanim’s Scepters for their allies.

This is how the Alchemist bug works.

  1. Farm two Aghanim’s Scepter on Alchemist.
  2. Come closer to an ally and then hand over one of your Scepters to him. You do not need to melt the Scepter and give it to your ally but just need to transfer it to their inventory.
  3. The second item also needs to be given to the ally, but this time, it needs to granted using the “Aghanim’s Scepter Synth” ability. The ally will consume this item and all buffs will be yielded.
  4. After the second item is melted, the first Aghanim’s Scepter which was in your ally’s inventory will automatically get sold for 4200 gold. This amount will be added to the ally’s total gold.
  5. So this way, the allied hero is not only granted a free Aghanim’s Scepter but he also witnesses a surge of 4200 gold in his total gold amount.
Alchemist Dota 2 bugThe first Aghanim’s Scepter will initially stay muted when transferred to the ally’s inventory before getting sold for 4200 gold.

Screengrab Via Krevs YouTube
This video depicts the functioning of this bug.

As a result of this exploit, the teammate witnesses a total net worth increase of nearly 10K. While Alchemist also loses a ton of net worth, the ability to grant direct gold is really game-breaking as the targeted teammate can buy whatever he desires using it. As mentioned, such sacrificing gameplay strategies have already been showcased in an efficient manner by professional players.

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If Alchemist already has a decent laning phase and the team then has several stacks in the jungle for him to farm, he has the potential to pull out two Aghs at the 20-minute mark or even earlier. If this bug is exploited for the team’s carry, for example, Juggernaut, he is likely to have an Aghanim’s Scepter, a Sange and Yasha (4100 gold) and a Mjollnir (farmed on his own) in 20 minutes.