Critical CS:GO Bug Allows Users to Throw Molotov Over Long Distances


A critical bug related to Molotov’s has been spotted in CS:GO by an enthusiastic user, who has gone on to prove how this bug breaks the way a Molotov should normally work in the game. The community was surprised to find out that there are certain Molotov lineups in CS:GO, using which the utility can be hurled across huge distances on all ‘Active Duty Maps’. However, all these lineups are only possible due to the game-breaking bug which directly influences the way Molotov’s behave in-game. Let us take a closer look at what exactly is this Molotov bug and the reason behind its occurrence.

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CS:GO bug breaks how Molotov should normally work

In a video shared by ‘Marius’, the user highlights a particular lineup on Overpass using which players can throw a Molotov all the way from ‘Party’ to ‘B-Site’. This instantly raised many questions because it is an unusual distance for a Molotov to travel in CS:GO, as it goes against the game limitations.

Under usual circumstances, the Molotov above should have exploded in mid-air as this type of utility has a timer of 2 seconds. This means that within 2 seconds of a Molotov being thrown in CS:GO it will burst in flames, irrespective of the fact that whether it is in contact with an object or not.

While the community pondered over how this was possible and if there were other such lineups present across the various maps, ‘Marius’ went on to explain this ‘Molotov Bug’ present within CS:GO because of which certain lineups are able to break the rules of engagement. Here is a brief of his detailed explanation,

  1. In CS:GO a Molotov thrown at a surface is bound to burst in flames, until and unless it comes in contact with a ‘Skybox’. A Molotov thrown towards a ‘Skybox’ will bounce off the surface as it is not allowed to set fire to it.

  2. Another property that Molotov in CS:GO abides by is that, whenever it bursts after the ‘2 Second’ timer the system checks if the blast is within a ‘128 Units’ near the surface below. If it is, then the surface below will be set on fire otherwise the Molotov will simply blast in mid-air.

Keeping the 2 points above in mind, the user further explains the newly discovered ‘Molotov Bug’. Taking the Overpass lineup as an example the user states that

“When the Molotov is about to explode after the ‘2 Second’ timer, it will check if there is a surface below, and this is where the Molotov breaks. The Molotov won’t explode in the air because there is a surface below it (within 128 units), but at the same time, it won’t set fire to the surface below because it is a ‘Skybox’. So instead in classic Valve style, it does not do anything.”

The shrubs on Overpass have a ‘Skybox’ hidden beneath and as the Molotov lineup passes over them within a 128 units limit the ‘Molotov Bug’ automatically gets triggered. In this case, the Molotov cannot explode in mid-air neither can it burn the surface below, so it continues its trajectory until it comes in contact with a proper surface.

This ‘Molotov Bug’ has certain prerequisite conditions that it needs to meet in order to activate. Unfortunately, there are a handful of lineups that already make them game-breaking. Like the Inferno lineup showcased by the user, allowing players to throw Molotov from on top of the well near ‘CT-Spawn’ all the way to a common ‘B-Site’ plant spot.

More such lineups are bound to creep up in the coming time and hope Valve is able to come up with a solution quickly. But this is going to be quite challenging as this seems to be a ‘Source Engine’ limitation rather than a full-fledged game bug.

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