Onic Esports Wild Rift Roster Revealed


The Onic Esports Wild Rift Roster has been revealed through their social media handles. The team features a mix of former Arena of Valor esports pros Han and Pokka, former League of Legends esports pros GOV and Santana, and three more recruits, Ysa, Frizzy, and Hundjaegers. It is still unclear what roles each member will play aside from Pokka, who will act as the team’s head coach. Onic Esports’ Wild Rift Roster looks pretty solid and would surely make the pro scene quite interesting heading into the upcoming Wild Rift SEA Icon Series: Preseason.

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Onic Esports Wild Rift Roster Revealed

The Onic Esports Wild Rift Roster was announced on the team’s social media handles on March 10, 2021. The team comprises former MOBA esports pros from League of Legends (PC), Arena of Valor, and three new recruits.

The team is composed of the following members;

  • Govher ‘Gov’ Tallulembang Madethen
  • Yasir ‘Ysa’ Yasyfa Amin
  • Randy ‘Santana’ Haryanto Manik
  • Iko ‘Frezzy’ Setiawan
  • Ibrahim ‘Hundjaegers ‘ Ali
  • Farhan ‘Han’ Akbari
  • Hartanto ‘Pokka’ Lius (Coach)

Fans who followed the League of Legends Garuda Series would be familiar with esports pros Gov from The Jokes on You and Santana from Phoenix Esports. The pro players had their fair share of experience in the League of Legends PC esports scene. Bringing this experience into Wild Rift, the two pros will now lead the charge with their knowledge they acquired from their past endeavors as esports pros.

Han and Pokka, on the other hand, were former Arena of Valor esports pros who played under EVOS Esports. The team is known for winning all of the AOV Star League Seasons. With an impressive feat such as that, Onic Esports can’t go wrong with recruiting these two esports pros.

The three new recruits, Ysa, Frizzy, and Hundjaegers are yet to prove themselves. The upcoming SEA Icon Series: Preseason might be the perfect tournament for them to showcase their skills.

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The roles of each member are yet to be announced by the organization. However, we can already say that the Wild Rift roster of Onic Esports is looking pretty solid right now. It will be interesting to see how well they perform in the upcoming Wild Rift Sea Icon Series: Preseason.

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