2 CS:GO Smoke Bugs on Train That Valve Has Still Not Fixed


After several online posts, 2 smoke bugs on Train have gone viral among the CS:GO community. A one-way smoke glitch that was believed to be in the game over a year ago has been rediscovered by a player. The other smoke bug is also a glitch which is caused due to problems with the way ‘Train’ is modeled, and can probably be fixed quickly by Valve. Both these smoke bugs are critical, and it is better if they are fixed at the earliest possible instance as they hamper the integrity of the game by providing unfair advantage to a user and their team.

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Train Smoke Bug: One-Way ‘B Ramp’

This smoke bug was initially discovered over a year ago and is still present in the game. Valve has ignored to fix it so far and It was recently rediscovered by ‘u/husrav315’ who shared it with the entire CS:GO community via Reddit.

As observed from the clip above, if a player throws a smoke grenade in that specific manner, the result is a seriously broken one-way smoke. The player on ‘Upper B Halls’ can see through the smoke for a brief moment after jumping on top of the rails, while the person on the other side ‘B Ramp’ has no visibility.

Train Bugged Smoke

This is an extremely powerful smoke and gives the player using this smoke a massive unfair competitive advantage. Valve should fix this particular bug soon, as it has already gone viral within the CS:GO community and is more likely to be abused even more now!

As per the community members, ‘Source Engine’ itself could be a possible reason behind this smoke bug as it faces some strange interactions and problems when rendering that particular spot in the map. A few users tested the affected area on ‘Train’ with the CS:GO mapping tool, and came to a conclusion that the engine on which CS:GO runs could very well be a reason behind this glitch.

Train Smoke Bug: Pop Dog Ladder

This smoke bug allows the player holding the spot above Pop Dog to see-through one area of the smoke, once again giving them an unfair advantage which can be critical in certain situations.

Even in this case, the bug seems to be caused due to a rendering problem. As seen in the video, a small section of the room disappears when that smoke is thrown. The player present on the ‘Pop Dog Ladder’ can see the area through the smoke but the player on the other side sees nothing but smoke.

Train Bugged Smoke Pop Dog

Both these bugs are critical and those players who are currently practicing ‘Train’ or love to play the map should keep their eyes out for these 2 spots. Whether they were used accidentally or intentionally, you’re better off avoiding these two specific areas (Pop Dog and B Halls), until Valve releases a proper fix for the bugs or at least addresses the issues publicly.

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