Wild Rift Americas Server Launch Details Announced


The Wild Rift Americas Server launch details have finally been revealed, which means that players from Brazil, Latin America (LATAM), and North America will be able to hop into Riot Games’ mobile MOBA soon enough. The official release date of the Wild Rift Americas Server will be announced on March 10, 2021. Players whose registered account location doesn’t match their IP address will be notified in-game so that they can be informed and migrate to the right servers. Otherwise, they might bump into some issues due to their Riot accounts and their current location not matching. Here are more details regarding the Wild Rift Americas Server launch.

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Wild Rift Americas Server Launch Details Announced

Riot Games announced the Wild Rift Americas Server launch through the official social media handles of Wild Rift. The release date of the server will be announced on March 10, 2021.

The communications lead, Ben “Draggles” Forbes, posted a video update regarding the upcoming launch of the Americas Open beta launch.

The dev stated that players would be able to play with players that are part of the Americas region. However, they won’t be able to play with players outside of the region, such as Asia and Europe. This is due to the completely different infrastructure that the Americas server has compared to other servers.

The dev also expressed his concern regarding players who use VPN—saying that VPN users have affected their progress in fixing matchmaking and latency issues in the game.

“It’s not been easy to get a picture of matchmaking or latency issue globally when many players were rooting their connections halfway around the world,” stated Draggles.

Players who have been using VPNs to access the game will be prompted to migrate their accounts to the right servers based on their region. However, if they migrate to the Americas server, their accounts will reset back to level one. Any Wild Cores purchased will be returned at some point after the Americas server has been launched.

Wild Rift Americas Server: Grand Opening Event

As promised by the devs, the Americas server will have an event that will allow players to catch up to other server’s progress. Offer players a lot of in-game loots so they can unlock champions at a faster rate.

Wild Rift Americas Server Launch Details AnnouncedThe event will allow players to unlock champions faster,

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Wild Rift Americas Server: Rift-to-Rift Rewards

Players will also be able to acquire more skins and in-game loots with the Rift-to-Rift rewards. The rewards are based on how much progress you have made in the League of Legends PC.

Along with the Americas server’s launch, the devs will also be releasing a global event called “Wild Rift Journey.” Details for the event are yet to be announced, but we can expect the event to take place during March 2021.

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