Here’s How to Change Your Twitch Name


In 2017 Twitch added the option to change your Twitch name after many requests from the community. Twitch added the option to change your once every 60 days. Once you change your Twitch name, the abandoned username will be held by Twitch for six months. After which, your older name may be returned to the pool of available usernames for the existing community and new users. However, partner usernames cannot be used again, except in special circumstances. Some usernames may also be freed up without notice if they violate specific registered trademarks, involve active impersonation, or are no longer active. Usernames must be between 4 and 25 characters. Here is how you can change your Twitch name.

How to change your Twitch name

Players can change their Twitch name by navigating to the settings menu on Twitch. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Click on your profile icon, located on the top left corner of the webpage, and click on Settings in the dropdown menu.

Twitch settingsClick on your profile icon and go to settings to change your Twitch name. | Source: Twitch

2. Scroll down in Settings to the Profile Settings segment. Here you can change your username and display name and even update your bio.

Change your usernameYour username and display name are different. | Source: Twitch

3. Enter the new username into the text box and Twitch will automatically check and tell you if the username is available. It also shows your new channel URL.

Change username 2Check if the username you want is available on Twitch. | Source: Twitch

4. Click Update.

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Twitch username renaming and recycling policies

Twitch usernames are provided to the first individual to register an open and available username through our rename tool, found in your profile settings. To be clear, this is a first-come, first-serve basis. However, usernames may be freed up for re-registration, without notice, if:

  • The username violates specific registered trademarks.
  • The username is involved in an active impersonation.
  • The username is no longer active, meaning, there is no viewing or login activity associated with the account for at least 12 months.

With any reclaimed account, Twitch will delete the profile information associated with the account (including, any content). This also means that any personal data and private content associated with these accounts will be deleted and will not be accessible to the new account holders. When you change your Twitch name as a broadcaster, you should be aware that their old channel URL will not redirect to your new name. You will need to update the URL anywhere you are using it.

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