Ace Forgets to Pick Up Aegis After Killing Roshan. Again.


Ace, the carry player for the European team of Hellbear Smashers, forgot to pick up the Aegis after killing Roshan at the EPIC League S3 on March 9, 2021. This blunder by Marcus “Ace” Hoelgaard led to a free Aegis for the enemy team of as their offlaner, Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann, popped Shapeshift on Lycan and hurried to the Roshan pit to pick up the Aegis. Hellbear Smashers, who were equally poised with their enemies at that stage of the game, lost the match after this blunder by their carry player. This is not the first time the Dane has forgotten to pick up the Aegis after killing Roshan, as a similar incident happened in October 2020 against Team Nigma.

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Hellbear Smashers Ace gifts a free Aegis

The first game of the series between Hellbear Smashers and at the EPIC League S3 group stages was a competitive one that ended in the latter’s favor.

In the second game, both teams had stable drafts, and the game could end in either team’s advantage at the 20-minute mark when Hellbear Smashers decided to kill the Roshan. With a midlane Death Prophet popping Exorcism and Ace with Battlefury, Desolator on Phantom Assassin, they quickly took down the Roshan as was late to reach the pit. Surprisingly, Ace forgot to pick up the Aegis and rushed to join his teammates to kill BOOM’s Storm Spirit, who had zipped in to kill their support Winter Wyvern.

KheZu ran into the Roshan pit on his Lycan and picked up a free Aegis lying on the ground. Despite Hellbear Smashers expending most of their strong spells to kill Roshan and BOOM’s Storm Spirit, they still took the teamfight and lost all their three cores. Things went downhill after that for rASmus and his teammates as they lost the game in 47 minutes.

Ace had committed a similar error in the ESL One Germany 2020 when he forgot to pick up the Aegis, gifting Team Nigma a win in a do-or-die series. After they had lost that series, he apologized to his fans for this misplay, stating that it would never happen again.

Unfortunately for the Dane, it has happened again. As a result of this series loss, Hellbear Smashers are now 2-1 in series in the swiss format of the EPIC League S3 group stage. They need one win in the two possible series to secure a place in Division 1. On the other hand, have won three series in a row and now qualify for Division 1 of the tournament.