MPL ID Season 7 Week 2 Recap: Alter Ego and Onic Esports Continue to Dominate


The MPL ID Season 7 Week 2 has finally come to a close. It’s just the second week, but the battle is already at its peak with plenty of amazing moments. The fans witnessed the first savage of the MPL ID Season 7 from BTR Branz with his Yi Sun-Shin. Alter Ego also surprised everyone with some unorthodox picks, which caught Genflix Aerowolf off guard. RRQ seems to be having a solid performance in the tournament. However, compared to Season 6, their performance now seems a bit lackluster. Meanwhile, Aura Fire and Genflix Aerowolf had a very disappointing performance in the tournament and are yet to claim a victory.

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MPL ID Season 7 Week 2 Recap

Alter Ego vs Genflix Aerowolf

Alter Ego won against Genflix Aerowolf in the MPL ID Season 7 Week 2Genflix had more kills, but Alter Ego had more gold income.

The powerhouse Alter Ego dominated Genflix Aerowolf with a clean 2-0 victory. A question popped up during the second match as Ahmad picked Jhonson as the side laner. LeoMurphy responded to this statement, saying that cheese picks are sometimes necessary, as they can catch opponents off guard. The pro ended with a final statement, saying that people can expect more cheese picks from them in future matches.

Aura Fire vs Onic Esports

Onic Esports won against Aura Fire in the MPL ID Season 7 Week 2.Aura secured the Lord but lost the team fight.

Onic Esports swept the floor clean as they scored a 2-0 victory against Aura Fire. Aura tried to retaliate, but despite their seemingly fair matchup, Onic still has the upper hand. Aura Fire’s double marksman team composition in the second game was no match for Onic’s impressive team synergy.

Bigetron Alpha vs Aura Fire

Bigetron Alpha won against Aura Fire in the MPL ID Season 7 week 2.Branz got the first Savage of the MPL ID Season 7.

Bigetron Alpha won against Aura Fire with a score of 2-1. Aura Fire put up a good fight against Bigetron Alpha. In the second game, Aura managed to counter Bigetron’s lineup using Chou and Yu Zhong, leaving Branz’s Granger to stand down and not do much for the team. On top of this, Branz managed to get this first savage in the tournament as Yi Sun-Shin.

Geek Fam vs EVOS Legends

Geek Fam won against Evos Legends in the MPL ID Season 7 week 2.Evos tried to win a team fight and defend their base but failed.

The match was a close fight between the teams, resulting in Geek Fam earning a score of 2-1. EVOS destroyed Geek Fam on game one. However, Geek Fam returned the favor with a counterattack and dominated the second and third matches. Geek Fam seems to have a change of tactics compared to week 1. They took the calm and cautious route instead of being hasty and aiming for a quick game, which gave them the edge they needed to win.

Onic Esports vs RRQ Hoshi

Onic Esports won against RRQ Hoshi in the MPL ID Season 7 week 2.RRQ tried to secure Lord but failed.

It would seem that the defending champion is having a hard time in the current season. Onic Esports managed to completely destroy RRQ Hoshi with a clean 2-0 score. RRQ was utterly put off guard when Onic picked Lapu-Lapu as their support. It may seem odd but it worked well against the defending champions as they have no idea how to deal with the unorthodox team composition.

Bigetron Alpha vs RRQ Hoshi

RRQ Hoshi won against Bigetron Alpha in the MPL ID Season 7 week 2.Bigetron had the most kills but RRQ had the best team composition.

RRQ Hoshi proved that they are still in the game by scoring a clean 2-0 against Bigetron Alpha. The dynamic duo, Alberttt, and Skylar showcased their amazing chemistry. During Game 2, Bigetron managed to gain the upper hand. However, thanks to Alberttt’s Yi Sun-Shin, the tide has shifted into the favor of RRQ which allowed them to make an epic comeback and secure the win.

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Geek Fam vs Genflix Aerowolf

Geek Fam won against Genflix Aerowolf in the MPL ID Season 7 week 2.Geek Fam barely won the team fight.

Geek Fam grabbed their second win in the MPL ID Season 7 with a score of 2-0 against Genflix Aerowolf. The match was not completely one-sided. Aerowolf did their best to keep up with the impressive rotations from Geek Fam. However, they were completely overwhelmed by the pressure provided by Geek Fam, ultimately disrupting their formation and allowed Geek Fam to take them down.

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