Massive Pokémon Unite Leak Shows off New Beta Gameplay Footage, Battle Pass and Skins


Pokémon Unite is an upcoming mobile MOBA by TiMi Studios. The developers have also worked on titles like Arena of Valor and Call of Duty Mobile. A recent Pokémon Unite leak showed off gameplay, monetization and other details that we can expect from the game. Pokémon Unite is expected to release by the end of 2021 on the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. The game is currently going through a beta phase in Canada and we can expect other regions to get beta access later this year. With nearly 1000 Pokémon available in the game’s lore, trading cards and other formats, the game has the potential to boast a bigger roster than League of Legends or DOTA 2.

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass

The game will have a Battle Pass and it will unlock in-game items and cosmetics for players when completing quests or challenges. There will be other forms of monetization as well according to leaks which include skins and outfits for both Pokémon and trainers. The game is being advertised as “free-to-start” and it is unknown how the progression system will work when it comes to unlocking new Pokemon.

Pokémon Unite Gameplay

A closed beta is currently running in Canada and some YouTubers have posted clips of the game on their channels but the videos are likely to be taken down soon. You can check out the video below to get an idea of what Pokémon Unite’s gameplay is like.

A ton of popular Pokemon is being added to the roster including Gardevoir, Machamp, and Charizard. It is currently unknown how many Pokémon will be available within the MOBA, and it looks like evolutions play a crucial role in the game. But it remains to be seen how the developers handle adding characters that do not have any form of evolution like Rayquaza or Celebi.

Pokémon Unite Pricing

Pokémon Unite is being marketed as a “free-to-start” title and will not require an upfront purchase to play the game. There will be skins and battle passes available for purchase but it is unknown if all Pokemon will be available similar to Dota 2 or if they will need to be unlocked via playtime or optional in-game currencies.

Pokémon Unite Release Date

The game is slated for release by the end of 2021. TiMi Studios has not mentioned if there will be an open beta ahead of launch. We also do know which regions will receive access to the title. TiMi Studios is owned by Tencent Games which might lead to restrictions in regions like India.

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