Calyx to Host Dune Cup, A BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Event For MENA


Calyx is hosting Dune Cup, an event that will allow Counter-Strike teams from the MENA region a chance to compete at the upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Showdown event. The Middle East Qualifier for the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown is slated to take place from April 13th to April 18th. The Dune Cup will take place from March 18th to March 20th for MENA teams. The winning teams from the regional qualifying events including the Dune cup will earn a spot in the April Spring Showdown but also claim a part of the $162,500 prize pool as well as a chance to head to the World Final.

Dune Cup Overview

The Dune Cup will take place from18-20 March, is a part of BLAST Premier’s expanded Qualifier Series that takes place across 20 countries and over 5 continents, giving teams all around the world a chance to compete in a global stage against the best teams in Counter-Strike.

The Dune Cup is part of regional competitions accessible to more than 1500 teams via open qualifiers for the BLAST Premier Qualifying Series. The Premier will feature 40 teams in the finals. Winners of all the regional events will earn a place in the Spring Showdown along with a $25,000 participation fee for each team to invest into growing and developing their organisations.

As part of the Dune Cup, four teams will receive direct invites and will be joined by two winners from each of the GCC and Levant & North Africa Open Qualifiers (14-17 March). The teams will compete for a chance to represent the MENA region on the global stage.

The following teams have been invited to the regional main stage:

  • Nasr eSports
  • Divine Vendetta
  • Yalla eSports
  • 01 eSports

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Overview

Winners from the regional qualifying events will head to April’s BLAST Spring Showdown but also a chance of claiming part of the $162,500 prize pool, with the ultimate aim of progressing to the Spring Final and World Final.

Andrew Haworth, Commissioner for BLAST Premier, said: “We’re delighted to team up with Calyx to offer Counter-Strike teams in the MENA region a chance to progress to our BLAST Premier Spring Showdown and play against some of the world’s best teams. The Middle East and North Africa has an ever growing passion and demand for Counter-Strike and esports, by providing a global platform for teams in this region to compete on we will see the scene grow and develop for years to come.”

GCC Qualifier Registration Link:

Levant & North Africa Registration Link:

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