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Team SMG vs LBZS: Results, Highlights- Grand Finals of the Moon Studio New Year Showdown


Team SMG faced off against LBZS in the grand finals of the Moon Studio New Year Showdown earlier today, on March 6, 2021. While SMG was the favorite going into the finals as they had not lost a single series in the entire tournament, LBZS showcased a dominant performance as they absolutely stomped them to win the finals 3-0. While the first game witnessed Mushi and his teammates present a strong fight, they were outdrafted and outplayed in the second and third games as they lost these two games in just 19 and 20 minutes, respectively. LBZS crown themselves the Moon Studio New Year Showdown champions and take home a sum of $5,120 USD, while SMG finish as the runner-ups, winning $2,640 in prize money.

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Mushi’s Team SMG Loses To LBZS in the grand finals of the Moon Studio New Year Showdown

SMG was undefeated in the tournament in terms of series coming into the grand finals. They had won all six series in the group stages and had then defeated Galaxy Racer and LBZS in the upper bracket playoffs.

LBZS also had a decent run, finishing third in the group stage and then carving their way to the upper bracket until they lost to SMG in the upper bracket finals. They defeated Execration in the lower bracket finals and then took their revenge from SMG in the all-important grand finals.

Game 1 was the Anti-Mage show as LBZS played incredibly well around their carry’s timings. An unconventional Enigma in the mid lane and an offlane Timbersaw made enough time and space for Anti-Mage who eventually ended with a KDA of 11-0-13, leading his team to a game one victory.

Game 2 drastically fell apart from SMG’s grab as soon as the laning phase ended. Enemy heroes ran over them, and the map kept shrinking for them. They had nowhere to farm and gank as LBZS was spot on with their strategies, winning the second game in just 19 minutes.

Game 3 witnessed SMG drafting a quick-paced core duo of Meepo mid and Razor safe lane. However, they were heavily countered in all their lanes as Meepo was the only one getting farm through the jungle. They tried to play aggro but found it difficult against elusive heroes of Slark, Lycan, Pangolier and a save in the former of Oracle. Realizing they had nothing left in the game, SMG tapped out of the game in just 20 minutes.

Final standings of Moon Studio New Year ShowdownNeon Esports was widely considered to the top contender to win the tournament but they ended in fifth-sixth spot.

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The full highlights of the series can be watched in the following video.

This is LBZS’ third title win in the Moon Studio tournament series as they previously been the champions of Moon Studio Carnival Cup and Moon Studio Mid-Autumn League.

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