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Exclusive: GodNixon Gaming Talks About His New Celebrity Podcast ‘The Star Talks’


GodNixon Gaming’s The Star Talks podcast hosted in partnership with Trinity Gaming seeks to introduce gaming to Indian pop culture. The first episode of the show is already out on his YouTube channel, with more to come. GodNixon talked about how there is still a stigma around gaming in India and there are gamers who are not comfortable disclosing their hobby or identity. The Star Talks podcast is an attempt to normalize gaming amongst the general audience and remove the stigma surrounding the field.

GodNixon posted its first video on March 2nd on the official YouTube channel with singer Dhvani Bhanushali. They talked about the PUBG ban and video gaming culture in India. The guest talked about how gamers and gaming culture need to be recognized instead of being shunned. More episodes similar to the last podcast will be released over time on the channel.

AFK Gaming hosted an interview with GodNixon Gaming where he shared his plans for their new podcast featuring celebrities from both gaming and non-gaming industries.

AFK Gaming Interviews GodNixon Gaming

What Are Your Long-Term Goals with The Show?

The goal of the show is to create awareness about gaming in India. GodNixon states that they want to show the perspective of professionals from other industries on gaming to help it get the recognition it needs.

Why did you decide to kickstart this show?

The show was built out of curiosity to get the perspective of professionals from other industries on gaming. Getting celebrities on the show and using gaming as a talking point encourages more conversation about gaming in India and spreads awareness.

Who are the guests we can expect to see in this show?

Currently, all the guests have not been decided but the team is in talks with Be YouNick, Honey Singh, and Arjun Tendulkar to make an appearance on the show.

Why did you choose music as a connection between gaming and pop culture?

GodNixon chose music as a common connection between gamers and non-gamers because of how influential the industry is. Music is one of the biggest industries in India and it is something that unites all of us. They shared their experience about an interview with Indian cricket M. S. Dhoni and how despite not being a gamer, knew about YouTuber CarryMinati. They expect to create a connection between entertainment industries and spread awareness about gaming through them.

What are your thoughts on the current state of gaming and esports in India?

Gaming and esports in India saw a revolution when PUBG Mobile dominated the mobile gaming market. The ban on PUBG Mobile has left an impact in the country but PC esports is slowly catching up with the likes of Valorant achieving immense popularity in India. The organizations are performing well and esports has grown a lot in the past five years. If PUBG makes a comeback in India, they expect Indian esports will receive a huge boost in the esports industry. They expect esports to become huge in India in the coming years.

Would you work with professionals from the gaming and music industries outside India?

Currently, GodNixon is not in talks with professionals outside India but they are open make international collaborations happen.

Do you want to go beyond music and invite guests from Bollywood?

GodNixon does have plans to collaborate with professionals from Bollywood and other industries beyond music.

Who would your dream guest be for the show?

Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Trinity Gaming’s is Producing The Podcast

Trinity Gaming is working with GodNixon Gaming to support the show to bring new and diversified content for viewers. Trinity believes that a considerable part of the Indian population does not take gaming as a profession seriously and wants to spread awareness around gaming. The organization is a producer for the podcast and is currently working with esports professionals and influencers to promote esports throughout India.

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