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Wild Rift Katarina’s Challenge Event is Now Live


Wild Rift Katarina’s Challenge Event is now live in the game. Players can acquire the new champion Katarina along with other in-game items like Proco Coins and XP Boosters for free just by completing event tasks. This event is the perfect opportunity to acquire Katarina for free, as farming for Blue Motes can be a tedious task for players in the game. Along with the event, a skin bundle has also been released for Katarina, featuring two of her new skins at a discounted price. Here are more details regarding the event, along with the new champion in Wild Rift, Katarina, the Sinister Blade.

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Wild Rift Katarina’s Challenge Event Details

One of the highly anticipated champions has finally made its way in Wild Rift. Katarina, the Sinister Blade is now released along with an event that allows players to unlock her for free. The event will last until March 10, 2021. So there is ample time for players to finish all missions and unlock her for free.

Wild Rift Katarina’s Challenge Event Missions and Rewards

The Event is pretty straightforward, finish event missions and earn rewards such as blue motes, poro coins, XP boosts, and more.

Here are the missions in the event and their respective rewards;

  • Double Take – Get 40 Takedowns or Get 5 Double Kills (150 Blue Motes)
  • A Cut Above the Rest – Play 5 Games or Play 2 Games Using Assassins (2 XP Boosts)
  • For the Empire – Play 5 Games or Win 2 Games With at least One Noxian Champion in the Team (150 Blue Motes)
  • The Blade is Mightier – Deal 30,000 Magic Damage (150 Blue Motes)
  • Blink and Dive – Kill 1,000 Minions With Your Team or Inflict Grievous Wounds in Champions 20 Times (50 Poro Coins)
  • Never Hesitate – Get 50 Takedowns or Play 2 Games Using Mage Champions
  • It Takes Two – Play 5 Games or Win 1 Game Where Garen is on the Enemy Team (Unlock Katarina)

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Wild Rift Katarina Bundles

Along with the new event, a Skin Bundle for Katarina has also been added to the game. This new bundle features two new skins for her at a discounted price.

Wild Rift Katarina Bundle are now in the shop.Wild Rift Katarina Bundle

The bundle includes the following content;

  • Champion Katarina
  • Death Sworn Katarina Skin
  • Bildgewater Katarina Skin

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