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S8ul Esports Announces Valorant Team Featuring Ex-Paratroops and Innocent 5 players


S8ul Esports revealed its new Valorant roster for 2021, featuring the former Innocent 5 roster as well a former Paratroops member “Binks69”. The former Innocent 5 roster comprising of Strixx, notFox, EdiT, ezzy, and Kuzuri had a memorable run at the Battlezone tournament hosted by Villager Esports and Logitech G where they beat Global Esports, which is one of the best Valorant teams in India. It was one of the only times a team has managed to beat Global Esports or Team Mahi at a major event, the two teams who are currently dominating the Indian Valorant scene. The roster joined by Binks69 will be competing in future Valorant events in India and beyond under the S8ul Esports banner.

S8ul Esports’ Entry Into Valorant

S8ul EsportsImage Credit: S8ul Esports

S8ul Esports’ entry into the Indian Valorant scene comes weeks after Binks69 was caught account sharing. Riot Games caught Binks69’s former teammate Xhade from Paratroops cheating, and it led to the organization disbanding. Binks was banned until the end of July from ESPL events, but he will be able to compete in other events.

Xhade admitted his offenses and deleted his YouTube Channel and other social media accounts. Soon after his ban, along with Binks was suspended by ESPL for account sharing and colluding. He received a six-month ban from ESPL, and his team was barred from tournaments for the same duration. The roster disbanded a day after their bans were announced. Xhade is the first Indian pro player to be caught cheating in Valorant. After the roster disbanded, Binks was left without a team, and he will now be joining S8ul squad along with former Innocent 5 members.

Here is the full S8ul squad:

  • Mithul “Binks69” Nayak
  • Harshvardhan “Kuzuri” Singh Panwar
  • Shreyas “Edit99” Kshirsagar
  • Sahil “Strixx” Rane
  • Tanmay “NotFox” Verma
  • Rishabh “EzzzYy” Gupta

With great performances put up against India’s best teams, the roster has the potential to be one of India’s best Valorant teams. Riot Games announced its entry into India earlier this year. It remains to be seen how the company promotes esports in the country, with teams like S8ul Esports, Team MAHI, and Global Esports putting on great performances in India and beyond.

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