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How to Switch Accounts in Mobile Legends


Knowing how to switch accounts in Mobile Legends is advantageous for people with multiple accounts. Some players want to have multiple accounts and have different playstyles for each account. This way, players can keep playing the game and challenge themselves to try out different ways to play the game. Instead of clearing your game data to switch accounts, the game has a feature that allows players to switch accounts in Mobile Legends easily. Players can find it in the account section of your profile. If you want to know more about how to switch accounts in Mobile Legends, then here is a step-by-step procedure.

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How to Switch Accounts in Mobile Legends The Easy Way

To switch accounts in Mobile Legends, you first need to have an alternate account ready. If you don’t have an alternate account in Mobile Legends yet, follow these instructions on creating a new account in ML. After creating a new account, you can then follow these instructions on how you can conveniently switch accounts in ML.

1. Tap on your profile portrait in the game to access your profile options.

2. Tap on the Account tab in the menu.

3. Tap the Switch Account button.

4. Choose from one of the options available based on what social media your account is linked to.

How to Switch Accounts in Mobile Legends the Easy WayThe Switch Button is Found in the Accounts Section.

5. Enter your alternate account’s login details in the pop-up.

6. Your game should restart, and your alternate account will be logged in.

Using this method would be faster than the traditional way by clearing your game data in the phone settings.

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How to Switch Accounts in Mobile Legends By Clearing Data

If you wish to know how to switch accounts using the old method, here is a step-by-step instruction on how you can switch accounts in Mobile Legends by clearing your game data;

1. Go to your app settings and tap on Mobile Legends

2. Tap on Clear Data. Please take note that this will wipe out all your Mobile Legends Data, so you have to download them again before logging in to an alternate account.

How to Switch Accounts in Mobile Legends by Clearing DataClearing game data will make the game redownload all the game data before you can log back in.

3. Rerun the app and let it download all the data.

4. You can then log in with your alternate account using a social media or Moonton account.

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