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Free Fire Happy Women’s Day Event: Obtain Free Female Characters


Free Fire Happy Women’s Day Event has been announced. To celebrate Women’s day, Garena will be giving out free female characters in their popular Battle Royale game, Free Fire. Like last year’s Women’s Day event, the Happy Women’s Day event will also give out a ton of in-game loots like vouchers, backpack skins, pet skins, and loot boxes. The event lasts until March 8, 2021. Players will have to collect tokens during the event, which can be acquired by simply logging in to the game every day or be completing the event missions. Players can then exchange these tokens for a variety of prizes. Here are more details regarding the upcoming Happy Women’s Day event in Free Fire.

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Free Fire Happy Women’s Day Event Details:

Players will have to complete various event tasks to acquire bouquet tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for various in-game loots through the event shop. Aside from event missions, players can also receive tokens by logging in every day along with loot crates and diamond vouchers.

Token Exchange

Until March 12, players can complete event tasks to earn tokens and exchange them for exciting prizes such as Blue Fox pet skin, weapon royale vouchers, and several other collectibles in the game.

ree Fire Happy Women's Day Event: Obtain Free Female CharactersPlayers can exchange items like the Blue Fox pet skin in the event shop.

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Women’s Heroes

From March 6 until March 8, players can exchange the special bouquet tokens for a female character in the event shop. The maximum number of special tokens you can acquire in the exchange shop is only one so choose wisely.

Here is the list of the free characters that players can obtain in the event;

  • Kelly
  • Nikita
  • Olivia
  • Misha
  • Paloma
  • Caroline
  • Moco

The devs will also be handing out a special Happy Women’s Day gift to all players. The gift contains the Panda Backpack skin. Free Fire will give this gift to players on March 8, 2021. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.