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[Watch] CS:GO Player Shows Unique Jump to Surprise Enemy on Mirage


Mirage is one of the most played CS:GO maps after Dust 2, but even after so many years, there is always something new that players can learn about the map. It can be a utility lineup, a new wall bang spot, a game-breaking bug, or simply a new trick that can give you a slight edge on certain parts of the map. Recently, ‘u/Tumecsgo’ shared a handy jump trick that can help CT-sided players reach ‘B-Apps’ on Mirage undetected, giving them a chance to catch the enemy by surprise. It does have a bit of a learning curve to it, but it can be a really useful tool, especially in clutch situations if mastered perfectly.

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CS:GO Trick: Unique jump to reach ‘B Apps’ undetected on Mirage

Mirage is a map that requires a certain amount of teamwork and coordination to win successfully. Despite being a map with a high pick rate in competitive matchmaking, one needs to know the map inside-out to excel on it.

One neat little trick was recently shared by ‘u/Tumecsgo’ with the entire CS:GO community, and surprisingly quite a lot of them had little to no idea about it. While some were bemused after knowing that an alternate way to reach ‘B Apps’ actually existed in the game, others, despite knowing about it, could not find any kind of success.

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From the clip above, one can see that this unique jump, which is the alternate way to reach ‘B Apps,’ is much more advantageous than the regular jump. There is a very slight noise when the player lands, and apart from that, his positioning is also perfect, hiding them from the enemies’ direct line of sight.

Regular 'B Apps' Jump SpotRegular ‘B Apps’ Jump Spot

But the jump looks easier to execute than it actually is, and this is just one of the methods to do it. Many users have shared their own way of executing the same jump, from the very same spot, with slight variations in their timing and angle. This one small, simple tip can go a long way to improving your gameplay.

It gives you better control and understanding of your movement indirectly while giving an advantageous little tool that can be mixed with your regular gameplay, enhancing it further and allowing you to win a few important rounds for your side with little to aim training, utility lineup practices, and all such other things. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.