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Ppd Is Officially Out of Sadboys’ Dota 2 Roster


Ppd has exited from Sadboys’ Dota 2 roster as he communicated through a Twitter post on March 3, 2021, stating that he was “officially out of the team.” The TI5 winner, who captained Sadboys, has stated that he is now unsure of playing in Season 2 of the 2021 DPC and mentioned that he could hopefully do some casting as he thanked his fans for the support. Peter “ppd” Dager’s departure from the squad comes after a disappointing finish in the NA DPC 2021 Season 1: Upper Division, as his team failed to make it to the ONE Esports Dota 2 Singapore Major.

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Ppd and Sadboys part ways

Ppd’s stint with Sadboys has lasted for just three months as he now officially finds himself out of the team.

After retiring from the Dota 2 professional scene in April 2020, ppd had marked his return in December 2020 by reforming the Sadboys team and fellow American Dota 2 player, Clinton “Fear” Loomis.

The two professionals invited NA pubstar, David “dnm” Cossio, as the midlaner, TI6 runner-up, David “Moo” Hull, as their offlaner, and experienced NA sportsman, Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu as the positive four player. They had a decent result in the BTS Pro Series Season 4: Americas as they finished third.

Sadboys then received a direct invite to the NA DPC 2021 Season 1: Upper Division, but they delivered a substandard performance in the league. Even so, they had to play and win the tiebreakers to avoid getting relegated to the Lower Division. Ppd and his teammates eventually finished in the fifth spot, winning $25,000 and 50 DPC points.

Ppd will now not be competing with the squad though they will play in the Upper Division in the next season. With him being unsure of his plans to play further, we might be witnessing the veteran player hanging his boots once again.

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Sadboys is currently playing in the BTS Pro Series Season 5: Americas and has its first series against Arkosh Gaming on March 5, 2021. So, we might get to know about the replacement of Sadboys’ former captain then. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.