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Valorant Bug Allows You to Attach Sova’s Recon Bolt to Other Agent’s Skills


Valorant’s bugs can be frustrating specially if they break the game but some interactions and bugs can really make for interesting plays. A bug discovered in Valorant’s patch 2.03 lets you combine Sova’s Recon Bolt with other abilities from your teammates to pull off some interesting combos. The bug works best with Initiators and Sentinels and can help secure opening kills in a round. This little trick can let you blast open sites on just about any map in the game on attack. You can make use of the new Sova Bug that lets you attach his recon bolt to deployable items from other agents but do not expect the bug to stick around for too long as Riot Games will inevitably fix it in the future. Here are some of the interesting ways that you can make use of the new Valorant bug and combo your recon bolts with other agents.

Attach Recon Bolts to Raze’s Boom Bots

The first interaction lets you attach your recon bolt to Raze’s Boom Bot through which you can know the exact location of enemies that the bot runs into. This Valorant bug makes it the ultimate recon combo to know your enemies’ positions and give your team the tactical advantage. The best part about this combo is that the Boom Bot will not explode until it comes into contact with an enemy. It means that you can continue to recon around the map until the bot detects an enemy and you can use the combo in almost every round as long as both you and Raze have the necessary abilities up.

The Valorant bug is very tricky to pull off and it requires a lot of practice to attach your bolts onto moving objects. Once you get the hang of sticking your bolt onto a Boom Bot, you should be able to get all the information you need in a match. The combo can help your team pull off surprise pushes and most Valorant players have a hard time dealing with Boom Bots which makes it a very fun combo to pull off.

Attach Recon Bolts to Skye’s Trinkets

Another way to take advantage of the Valorant bug is to attach your arrow on Skye’s trinkets. However, it requires Skye’s ultimate ability which means that this combo is not viable as it takes time to build up your ultimate ability. However, it can prove to be more effective than the combo with Boom Bots as you can not only scout out enemies but also incapacitate them.

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