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Dota 2 Anime Dragon’s Blood Main Trailer: All That Was Revealed


The Dota 2 anime, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s main trailer was released by Valve and Netflix earlier today, on March 2, 2021. The trailer has provided some details about the plot of the story, enlightening the fans about the role of the characters involved in the anime. The main protagonist of the anime, Davion, the Dragon Knight, embarks on a journey with other Dota 2 heroes to retrieve the stolen “magical” lotuses of the goddess of the moon, Selemene in order to bring her back. In addition, Valve also released four anime posters that slyly had a QR code imprinted on them which when scanned, led to a secret teaser trailer posted by Netflix on YouTube.

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Dota 2 Anime Main Trailer: What we found out

Event themed on Selemene

On February 16, Dota 2 users had noticed that flowers along the Radiant side of the river in the TI10 exclusive terrain, Sanctums of the Divine, had started radiating a purple glow. Many believed it to be a Spectre Arcana tease or indication of the rumored Spring event mode. The next day, on February 17, Valve surprisingly announced the Dota 2 themed anime. Now, through the trailer, we know that the purple lotuses of the Selemene are a prominent part of the anime.

Dota 2 anime magical lotuses of Selemene“Magical” lotuses of Selemene

Screengrab Via Netflix YouTube

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So perhaps we will get a new Dota 2 event themed around Selemene just like the Aghanim’s Labyrinth themed around Aghanim.

Terrorblade- The Mysterious Villian?

Valve uploaded four posters on Twitter related to the anime after the trailer was officially released by them. At the bottom of each one of them were quarter parts of a QR code that led to an unlisted YouTube video.

Dota 2 anime QR code revealing TerrorbladeQR code leading to Terroblade is hidden on the the posters of Mirana, Dragon Knight, Luna and Invoker.

Image Via Twitter (@GrandmaRuby_)
It is a 15-second clip that introduces the Dota 2 hero of Terrorblade as one of the villains of the anime. The caption by Netflix at the bottom of the video says,

“From the hell of hells I come.”

Catch Terrorblade, the Demon trapped in Foulfell, in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, a Netflix Original Anime Series.

So it is likely that Terrorblade will be the villain of the Dota 2 Anime.

Possible Theories for DOTA: Dragon’s Blood

Selemene Event?

Selemene is worshipped by Mirana and Luna, both of whom are a part of this anime. Considering her integral role in the series. Of course there is also the matter of the purple lotuses added to the game, we might see her become a major character in the Dota 2 universe. If not as a new hero, she could be the title character of a custom event.

Terrorblade Villain confirmed

According to Terrorblade’s Dota 2 lore, “Terrorblade likes dragons, and appreciates fighting alongside them.” On Netflix, the description of the anime also reads “A conflicted yet courageous Dragon Knight must use the power of the dragon within to stop a deadly demon in this epic fantasy based on the online game.”

This deadly demon is likely to be Terrorblade who has his own dragon army that is fighting the Davion, the Dragon Knight, as visible in the trailer.

A three season Dota 2 anime?

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Netflix also labels this Dota 2 anime series as “ Book 1 coming on March 25.” Since the animatic director of the series also revealed recently that there could be a total of 24 episodes, there is a high chance that we are going to have a total of three seasons, consisting of eight episodes each. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.