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Call of Duty Mobile Tank Battle Mode Leaked


A Call of Duty: Mobile Tank Battle Mode has been leaked in the advanced server of the game. The leak started spreading a few weeks back. However, recently, a few streamers started leaking gameplay footage of the said game mode. The COD: Mobile Tank Battle Mode is a brand new innovation to the battle royale game mode where players will need to scavenge for components and assemble their own battle tank. There are still no official announcements from Activision regarding the release date of this new game mode. However, it is speculated to be released during Season 2 of COD Mobile. Here is a quick look at the COD: Mobile Tank Battle Mode.

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COD Mobile Tank Battle Mode Details

According to the gameplay footage provided by YouTube streamer Dustin Gaming, players will have to collect a total of five components to assemble their own battle tank. Players can acquire these components through the vending machine located throughout the battlefield. Keep in mind that other players will also be doing the same, so approach a vending machine with caution.

COD Mobile Tank Battle Mode LeakedCOD Mobile Tank Mode Preview

Players can attach a light machine gun or a four-tube rocket launcher to their tanks to add more firepower.

The tanks in the new game mode are highly durable but very hard to maneuver. They have tremendous firepower but are terribly slow, which can bad if you are against an enemy with anti-tank weapons. Needless to say, this is where the attachments can be useful. Light Machinegun attachment can help you spray bullets quickly, while the rocket launcher will deal massive damage in an area.

COD Mobile Tank Battle Mode LeakedTank components can be found in vending machines across the battlefield.

Players can also pick up anti-tank weapons to counter players who have already built their battle tanks. There are also depots that players can capture where they can repair or replenish their tank ammo.

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There is no information on whether the COD Mobile Tank Battle Mode will be a permanent or a limit-time game mode. Players will have to keep their eyes peeled for future announcements from Activision. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.