MPL PH Partners with WWF for Wildlife Conservation


MPL PH Partners with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for wildlife conservation awareness. The organizations, MPL PH and WWF, have come together for the first time to raise awareness on wildlife conservation. Widely known as the most reputable mobile esports event in Southeast Asia, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) was established in the Philippines in 2018 and has since then raised charity works and fundraising events for various non-profit organizations, especially during the global pandemic. With its seventh season, MPL PH aims to raise awareness regarding the endangerment of wildlife in the Philippines.

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MPL PH Partners with WWF for Wildlife Conservation

The goal between WWF Philippines and the MPL PH’s partnership is to take advantage of the steadfast rising of digital marketing and the huge potential of mobile esports and its gaming community.

As one of the leading mobile esports in the Philippines, MPL PH will use their influence to encourage fans to contribute to WWF’s efforts to preserve wildlife in the Philippines.

The ten participating teams in the MPL PH Season 7 will represent one endangered or threatened animal throughout the season. The teams themselves personally selected these animals.

Here are each of the teams’ selected animals according to the official page of MPL PH;

Bren Esports – Great White Shark

Bren Esports represents the Great White Shark, the largest known predatory fish. They play an important role in the marine ecosystem. However, due to being hunted as a sport or being caught as bycatch by commercial fisheries, they are now dwindling in numbers.

Onic PH – Tamaraw

Onic PH represents the Tamaraw, the world’s rarest buffalo species found in the Philippines. Illegal poaching and constant land clearing ultimately reduce their population gradually.

Aura PH – Tiger

Aura PH represents the Tiger, one of the most critical parts of several ecosystems. However, the constant economic development has forced these creatures to lose their natural habitats and hunting grounds.

Omega Esports – Sea Turtle

Omega Esports represent the Sea Turtle, one of the fundamental species in the marine ecosystem. Often hunted down for their shell coupled with the impending climate change has greatly reduced their population.

Nexplay Esports – Pangolin

Nexplay Esports represent the Pangolins, widely known for their full armor scales. These nocturnal creatures are being illegally trafficked which resulted in two of its species critically endangered.

Execration – Whale Shark

Execration represents the Whale Shark, the largest fish on Earth. However, constant threats from fishers or as bycatch have led to their population slowly decreasing.

Blacklist International – Giant Panda

Blacklist International represents the Giant panda, Once an endangered species that has since been promoted to “vulnerable” thanks to wildlife conservation efforts. However, they are still being poached illegally to this day which can be alarming.

Cignal Ultra – Philippine Eagle

Cignal Ultra represents the Philippine Eagle, one of the world’s largest eagles. However, deforestation and illegal hunting of the Philippine Eagle have endangered their species to this day.

Playbook Esports – Polar Bear

Playbook Esports represents the Polar Bear, the arctic’s top predator, which has become a prey due to the loss of its natural habitat due to climate change, which has been the biggest threat for these species.

Work Auster Force – Philippine Crocodile

Work Auster Force represents the Philippine Crocodile, the rarest and most endangered Crocodile species of crocodilian. Their drastic decline in population is due to dynamite fishing and hunting for their tough skin.

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This unique innovation of raising awareness using mobile esports’ massive influence is a great way to connect with various fans from different backgrounds. Especially with the ongoing global pandemic, most people seek entertainment through their mobile phones and social media.

With collaborations such as this, mobile gaming has proven to be more than just for entertainment; but can also be a catalyst in making the world a better place.

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